UK Youth Parliament Elections Result 2024

On the 7th March Community VISION came together with a number of our partners to announce the newly elected East Riding members of the UK Youth Parliament. We opened the event with some great local youth bands, which created a real atmosphere for everyone and helped calm some of the nerves. There was a real buzz in the air and the young people had the opportunity to talk with Cllrs and local media.

We were supported on the evening by our CEO – Sian Broughton, Darren Stevens –  Executive Director of Corporate Resources who acted as the Returning Officer and Cllr. John Whittle, The Chairman of East Riding Council.  We were also supported by Great Driffield Radio and ERYC Public Relations team.

During the evening we had the honour of presenting our former MYPs, Aonpreeya Petchatchua and Freya Edwards, with an award for all the hard work they have undertaken over their two year term of office representing young people in East Riding on the UK Youth Parliament.

Nine young people, aged eleven to seventeen, submitted applications to represent the East Riding. Every candidate presented a manifesto detailing their platform for the election. Votes were only based on manifestos because the pledges were anonymous. Young people were able to cast their ballots through primary and secondary schools, the mail, as well as the internet for those who are home educated or in post-16 education.

5,743 young people cast their ballots for the UK Youth Parliament in the East Riding, choosing the candidates they wanted to represent them.

The newly elected East Riding Members and Deputy Members of Youth Parliament are:  

  • Member of Youth Parliament – George Jackson: Vote for me if you want better quality food and better prices with more varied choices.
  • Member of Youth Parliament – Sophia Osborne: Lessons in life skills, such as independent living. Lessons on basic First Aid and how to spot common illnesses, i.e cancer
  • Deputy Member of Youth Parliament – Poppy Pacy: I will try to improve and change the lack of mental health support as well as more community engagement groups.
  • Deputy Member of Youth Parliament – Charlotte Rogers: I would help East Riding cut down on paper but help kids get learning at the same time.

These young people will now begin their induction to the UK Youth Parliament so they can actively engage with other young people, organisations, communities and leaders to represent East Riding at a regional and national level, work on delivering their manifesto promises, as well as those top topics chosen nationally via the Make Your Mark ballot. 

You can read more about the evening here: East Riding young people elected as Members of UK Youth Parliament

Photos from the Declaration Event

The Make Your Mark results that were voted on by young people across East Riding are shown below.  These have now been fed into the national results table:

Make your Mark
Health & Wellbeing1139
Culture, Media & Sport982
Jobs, Economy & Benefits727
Crime & Safety628
Education & Learning417
Climate Change & Environment414
Right, Equality & Democracy262
Youth Work & Youth Services172
International Relations135

If you would like to know more about the work being undertaken by our Members and Deputy Members of Youth Parliament, as well as the East Riding Youth Council, please feel free to contact Detty Tyler or Dave Brown

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UK YOUTH PARLIAMENT – East Riding Elections
If you would like to know how you can get involved in the UK Youth Parliament elections taking place in East Riding, please contact Detty Tyler, via email or call 01482 871077 (option 4).