East Riding Candidates for UK Youth Parliament (2024)

Thank you to everyone who applied to be candidates in East Riding for the upcoming UK Youth Parliament elections, please see candidates’ written and video manifestos below.

Candidate Campaigns

Candidate 1

Written Manifesto: I will try to improve and change the lack of mental health support as well as more community engagement groups.

Candidate 2

Written Manifesto: Campaigning to protect and preserve the coastline. Advocating for educational reforms like taking subjects (excluding mandatory subjects) in year 7.

Candidate 3

Written Manifesto: I would like East Riding to become more eco-friendly and cycle friendly.

Candidate 4

Written Manifesto: My aim is to make the biggest difference I can.

Candidate 5

Written Manifesto: Vote for  me if you want better quality food with better price and more varied choices.

Candidate 6

Written Manifesto: I would help the East Riding cut down on paper but help kids get learning at the same time.

Candidate 7

Written Manifesto: Lessons in life skills such as independent living. Lessons on basic first aid and how to spot common illnesses i.e. cancer.

Candidate 8

Written Manifesto: Fighting for Neurodiversity acceptance/support, autism awareness, better transport, increasing youth provision, recognising dyspraxia as a condition, increasing anti-bullying support.

Candidate 9

Written Manifesto: Improve facilities and access to youth clubs for young people.

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UK YOUTH PARLIAMENT – East Riding Elections
If you would like to know how you can get involved in the UK Youth Parliament elections taking place in East Riding, please contact Detty Tyler, via email or call 01482 871077 (option 4).