East Riding Candidates to the UK Youth Parliament

Thank you to everyone who applied to be candidates in East Riding for the upcoming UK Youth Parliament elections, which will be split up into East and West of East Riding, as shown on the map below.

East Riding Constituency Map – East and West Division

Candidate Campaigns

Watch the candidates’ campaign videos and read their written manifestos for your local area below.

Candidates standing in the East.

Candidate 1 (East)

Written Manifesto: A huge focus of mine will be education. Everyone, no matter their background, should expect the same resources.

Candidate 2 (East)

Written Manifesto: Finding solutions and taking action for climate change, environmental damage, plastic pollution, biodiversity loss and climate injustice.

Candidate 3 (East)

Written Manifesto: I would have a big push to stop climate change and make our futures cleaner and more sustainable.

Candidate 6 (East)

Written Manifesto: To stop vandalism, crimes and gang scaring cultures.  We need more youth clubs for teens to go on a night.

Candidate 7 (East)

Written Manifesto: My aims are to use youth groups and unusual support sessions to help tackle substance abuse and mental health issues.

Candidate 8 (East)

Written Manifesto: I believe education should be accessible to everyone and aim to reduce sexism, classism and racial discrimination within the system.

Candidate 14 (East)

Written Manifesto: Many young people are more comfortable seeking help from friends: there should be more peer training around mental health support.

Candidate 18 (East)

Written Manifesto: I would want to provide free accessible youth hangout places, with schools also teaching life skills for the future.

Candidate 20 (East)

Written Manifesto: I stand for small changes with big impacts. A beach clean bringing us together can improve our wellbeing and environment.

Candidate 21 (East)

Written Manifesto: I would make paper bags cheaper and plastic bags more expensive so people are encouraged to buy paper bags.

Candidate 23 (East)

Written Manifesto: Better support for children with behaviour issues. More time/money spent on extra-curricular lessons. Free sanitary products for girls/ women.

Candidate 24 (East)

Written Manifesto: The environment: educating people about it and protecting natural areas. Welfare: fighting against bullying, promoting welfare and equality.

Candidate 26 (East)

Written Manifesto: Change the age restriction on voting to 15, ensuring young people have a voice in changes that will affect them.

Candidates standing in the West.

Candidate 4 (West)

Written Manifesto: I would like to empower the young by fighting for higher budgets to improve the local education system.

Candidate 5 (West)

Written Manifesto: I will change the National Curriculum so that there is a greater focus on Mental Health and wellbeing.

Candidate 9 (West)

Written Manifesto: Better mental health training, quicker SEN diagnoses, more preparation for independence for disabled teens, a broader, more inclusive education.

Candidate 10 (West)

Written Manifesto: Hoping to influence and help causes related to women’s rights, environmental matters improving our education/awareness about racism, mental health, and ‘taboo’ topics.

Candidate 11 (West)

Written Manifesto: A voice, a chance, a future. We deserve to be heard. 

Candidate 12 (West)

Written Manifesto: Improving prospects for young people living in the North whilst paving the way into local opportunities to enhance our futures.

Candidate 13 (West)

Written Manifesto: Introduce accessible mental health services for young people because of increase in these issues caused by COVID and social media.

Candidate 15 (West)

Written Manifesto: I want more provisions for special educational needs in schools to enable those children to reach their full potential.

Candidate 17 (West)

Written Manifesto: We believe that school should be a safe place for all, and comprehensive action and education against bullying should be implemented.

Candidate 19 (West)

Written Manifesto: Lessons in basic First Aid, mortgages/insurance and personal finances. Youth clubs for all ages.

Candidate 22 (West)

Written Manifesto: We have all felt scared and may not know how to free ourselves from it.  Emotional intelligence can teach us.

Candidate 25 (West)

Written Manifesto: I would like to put forth the idea of installing new facilities to accommodate the needs of different people.

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