Youth Independent Advisory Group (Youth IAG)

We recognise that young people have an important part to play within their local community and the future of the police service. We are therefore committed to engaging with young people from all over our force area to make sure they have the opportunity to have their voices heard.

To help us do this Humberside Police are actively looking to recruit young adults (aged 16 – 24) to join a Youth Independent Advisory Group (IAG). The aim is to involve young adults on a voluntary basis as part of these groups. We are looking to involve members from all communities that cover the Humberside Police geographical area all the way from Bridlington to Goole to Scunthorpe and Immingham. 

To help support the work that the Independent Advisory Groups do, senior police officers will attend alongside representatives from members of the public – giving members the chance to engage with all levels of the organisation and other like-minded young people. This is therefore a real opportunity for the young adults of Humberside engage with and contribute to the work carried out by Humberside Police and speak to those who can effect real change. 

What is the Youth Independent Advisory Group?

Well to put it simply, they are a way for our diverse communities to come together and work with us to help improve our service and how we support the public. The members will work closely with the police and allow us to create a genuine working relationship with young people. The IAG’s will consider national, regional & local issues such as stop and search figures, hate crime statistics, critical incidents along with issues that are relevant and topical to the public that Humberside Police serve.

In other words, we want you to tell us how what we do impacts on you and the wider public and how we can improve. 

What are the aims of the Youth Independent Advisory Group?

We know that to better understand who our communities are we need to involve them in how we work. By setting up a Youth IAG Humberside Police aims to: – 

  • Create and encourage an open discussion with our diverse communities 
  • Provide young adults with the opportunity to help shape how we support everyone in the Humberside Area
  • Get young people involved in developing our policies and procedures and make them suitable for all
  • Improve how we work with young adults across the force
  • Give young people the skills to help them work with us to create resilient communities 
  • Provide young adults with the chance to speak freely and act as a “critical friend” and help us improve and grow alongside our communities 

Who can be part of the Youth Independent Advisory Group?

Youth IAG members are members of the public aged 16-24 who have an interest in how policing works and how these impact on their communities. Members are not expected to be a spokesperson for any group of people but should bring their own personal experiences and perspectives to the Youth IAG.

 To help us better understand our communities IAG’s should have members reflecting the diversity of the local people that Humberside Police serve which may include the following areas (but not limited to): – 

• • • • •Age Disability Gender  Geography Isolated communities• • • •Race Religion or Belief Sexual Orientation Socio-economic status

Why get involved in the Youth Independent Advisory Group?

So how does being a member of the Youth IAG help you? This is more than just a meeting it is an opportunity to improve yourself as well as the why we work. It allows you to: –

  • Get involved in the wider community
  • Help give yourself and other young adults a voice
  • Gain new skills and experience
  • Improve your CV and applications 

How do I get involved?

To find out more about how YOU can apply or if you would like further information, please email: –

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